As Do Mar Tuna Has Just Landed at International Loft

Ahoy mates. As Do Mar Canned Tuna, Ventresca and Jarred Tuna has just landed at International Loft. What does that mean?  Our tuna is as fresh as can be.  The "best by" dates are as far out as 2026.  Make a purchase today confidently knowing you are going to get the freshest selection of products.

At International Loft we turn over our canned fish quickly.  How quickly?  We typically receive a new shipment directly from each producer as often as once a month.  Yes this stuff is flying out of our warehouse. Be sure to stock your pantry today, "winter is coming!"

A few other items that are arriving and that you may want to take an interest in.  We stocked up on Ortiz and Nuri. If you haven't tried Ortiz Bonito Del Norte tuna what are you waiting for? Try a few cans today, I particularly like the Ortiz Reserve tuna. It a limited annual production that creates a noticeable difference in flavor and texture of the tuna.  We also bring in Nuri frequently and we are bringing in a specialty item from Nuri just for the holiday. Be sure to check back to see what surprise we have in store for you.

Thanks for being our customer.  You can drop us a note at with any comments or questions.


Until next time...

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