New Products Just Arrived, Others Imminently

Fresh Porthos sardines and NURI sardines just arrived.   Our NURI sardines have best by dates of 12/2026, almost a full 5 years out. And our just delivered Porthos from Portugal has various best by dates coming in as late as 2026.  So if you want to try some of Europe's finest at their peak taste order from us today. We typically ship same day.


As for upcoming items, we have some fresh Ortiz, As Do Mar, Aiello, Maison Potier, Angelo Parodi and Zahara Olive Oil coming in within the next few days.  You may want to check back regularly as we add new products.


And don't miss out on the fresh Aiello Caffe coming in. This coffee is superb. I enjoy the whole bean varieties, but the ground is quite good as well. In fact the Decaf variety is getting rave reviews from many of our customers.  You have to give it a try and let US know what you think as well.

Drop us an email at if you have any questions.

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