Nuri Artisanal Hand Crafted Sardines

For some time now we here at International Loft have been importing Nuri Sardines directly from Conservas Pinhais located in Portugal. In fact we get a new fresh shipment of Nuri sardines and mackerel all the time.  It's always exciting for all of us to hear that the ship has arrived in the USA with our precious cargo aboard.  It is funny too, since it happens so frequently, but these sardines are so sought after that we have a hard time keeping them in-stock.  We are honored to work with Conservas Pinhais to bringing these fine world renown products to our fellow Americans.

Let's talk about the sardines first.  We import four varieties: Portuguese sardines in olive oil, spiced olive oil, tomato sauce or spiced tomato sauce.  You may ask what ones are the most popular or most liked.  I think you should try them all and decide for yourself (wink wink).  We have been known to drop in some tasty samples with our customer's orders so you might be pleasantly surprised.  Our partners and staff hand select the items to fulfill your orders and we do like to surprise our customers with samples.  But let's get back to the Nuri sardines.  Nuri sardines are produced in a limited fashion, each NURI encapsulates a special and unique masterpiece.  The production of a can of Nuri takes three times longer than what is typically sold at your grocery store, hand made every step of the way.  They re-define artisanal; and it shows.  These sardines are bursting with flavor and oh so fresh.  Honestly, I'm am glad I had dinner prior to penning this blog piece. My mouth is watering just think about the Spiced Nuri Sardines in Olive Oil or the Spiced Mackerel in Olive Oil.

Handmade, hand wrapped; really a special rare gift for anyone.  In this world of faster...faster...FASTER, when you want to slow it down and enjoy something that was carefully crafted and produced, you MUST go with Nuri.

So, the next question; what do you pair these with?  Well, I love to crack open a beautiful can of Nuri and pair them with fresh baked bread.  It can be Italian or Cuban, or whatever you enjoy. Maybe some cheese and olives.  You get the picture. The olive oil the sardines are packed with is so good that you can dip your bread straight into the open can and soak the bread with flavorful goodness.  MY GOODNESS.  I think I will have them for dinner Friday night.  AS for your drink, I would probably go with a crisp slightly chilled white wine or just simple glass of ice water.

With the spiced varieties I like to pair them with sliced avocado. I will pour the olive oil from the can over the avocado and lay the sardines right next to it.  The creamy avocado offsets the slight spice of the oil, it is incredibly good.  If you want to try the spiced mackerel for a subtler flavor, that is a winner as well.  Maybe add some halved cherry tomatoes to top it off. And if the spice is not quite all the way there for you, paper thin sliced fresh jalapeño right on top should do it.

Honestly if you haven't tried Nuri sardines yet place an order today, I'm not just saying that; I tell all my friends about the wonders of Nuri sardines.  That just sounded weird, right? Kidding.

Well, that's all for now.  If I do not stop writing I will HAVE to have a can before bedtime. Kidding of course. If you place an order drop me an email and let me know what you think or if you have any questions about any of the products we offer.


Happy eating! Enjoy!


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