Sardines, Sardines, oh how I love Sardines from Europe!

Thanks for visiting our site and thank you for taking the time to visit our blog.  I apologize for not posting that often; we are so busy procuring a steady supply of the world’s finest sardines. Currently we directly import the following fine canned fish brands:


Brands We Carry

Nuri Sardines and Mackerel

Matiz Sardines and Mackerel

Angelo Parodi Sardines, Tuna and Mackerel

Ortiz Sardines and Tuna

Pollastrini Di Anzio Sardines


Award Winning Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil

It does not end there as we are importing a wonderful award-winning Olive Oil from Sicily, Zahara, from the folks of Oleificio Guccione.  It is to die for, you can check it out here:


Pasta From Italy

Besides that, we have amazing Pasta from Felicetti; both Monograno and Organic varieties.  If you have not tried this pasta; honestly buy just one box of it today. You will likely be hooked.  I know we are.  I will get into the pasta more in a future post. Stay tuned.


Nutritional Benefits

Let us get back to the canned fish.  I read some research that canned sardines are high in Omega-3 fatty acids. Pretty much one of the highest in all fish types that are readily available. Not only that, but they are chalk full of Vitamins and Minerals.  If you are worried about the presence of Mercury in your fish, don’t worry about sardines. Sardines consume plankton, and because of that they are low in mercury.  The minerals they contain are niacin, iron, potassium, magnesium, zinc and phosphorus.  They are high in protein.

You might be wondering how fresh are our canned sardines?  We import loads of sardines monthly, and the expiration dates go out as far at the end of 2025 (It is March 2021 right now).  Our sardines tend to have 2-4 years of shelf life depending on the variety and producer.  Just so you know, the boneless skinless tend to expire sooner then the skin and boned sardines.

Also, many of the domestic sardines are canned in soybean oil. However, most of our sardines are packed in fine olive oil, which is much better for you than the domestic variety.

What is your favorite brand of sardines? Have you tried the others we carry?  If you have not you may want to check them out. They each have a distinctly different quality to them; you really cannot go wrong.  Send us an email at if you have any questions. We will be happy to help you.

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