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Since 1967 Caffé Aiello has been enhancing the taste of real Italian espresso. Aiello’s entire production is in Italy, from the roasting to the blending to the packaging. The selection of the highest quality raw materials is key to assure superior quality. Aiello carefully selects the finest varieties of coffee in the major coffee producing countries in the world, like Colombia, Brazil, Ethiopia. To maintain superb standards every 48 months a specialized Aiello’s team visits the regions of origin to hand pick the finest assortments. But the real secret behind Caffe Aiello is the blending. Exact quantities of each variety are mixed according to exclusive recipes created by the founder Gaetano Aiello, resulting in perfectly harmonic and distinctive blends with wonderful and unique aromas. Aiello blends coffee after, not before, roasting, in order to create a balanced taste that can be maintained over time, thus assuring consistency and quality cup after cup. To preserve the coffee’s aroma Aiello uses a convection roasting method and makes sure that every raw single-origin coffee variety goes through its own individual roasting process, rigorously at a medium level. Aiello’s line comprehends ground coffee, coffee beans, Nespresso compatible capsules and ESE pods. Get inspired enjoying the entire line of Caffe Aiello, amongst the best Italian coffee; also makes a perfect gift for coffee lovers.
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