Zahara Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil just arrived!

We just received a fresh shipment of Zahara. I am really excited because this is the latest harvest coming out of Oleificio Guccione, fresh off the vine taste and absolute highest quality. The harvest is from late 2021 and you can tell the difference from last years. In fact, upon delivery we cracked open a new bottle to taste it side-by-side with the 2020 harvest.  It was a delight, a more pronounced "Zahara" flavor to start, and a slightly stronger finish reflecting it's fresh off the vine potency.  This oil must be packed to the brim with healthy polyphenols.  You have got to try this.

Now if you are looking for an aged balsamic to pair with Zahara; if you really want to add a POP to your salads, go for Via Farini Yellow Label. We offer it here at International Loft. It's aged for at least 8 years in wood barrels. We bring this in from Modena, Italy. So authentic, so rich in flavor. You just might start eating salad twice a day, every day to enjoy healthy Via Farini Yellow Label and Zahara. A dynamic duo of Italian flavors.

As always, thank you for being a customer of ours. We at International Loft love the foods we sell and the customers we serve.

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